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Microblading & Semi-Permanent Make-Up (SPMU)

(Currently Brows Only)

Alison has been trained and Certified by recognised leaders in the Microblading and Semi-Permanent Make-Up (SPMU) and is a qualified Microblading & Semi-Permanent Make-Up (SPMU) Technician in Brows only

Alison's Beauty and Nails Boutique Bradford offers complete range of Microblading & Semi-Permanent Make-Up (SPMU) treatments.

One-to-One Consultations

All consultations and appointments are undertaken on a one to one basis ensuring you get exactly the look you want that suits your face type, colouring and life style as well as professional advice and aftercare treatment.

Call now to book your consultation on 07826 403446

Microblading - £250 (Price includes 2x Appointment)

Perfect for individual hairstrokes, Microblading is a manual hand held method of tattooing. No machine used. I can create anything from 1 or 2 missing hairs to a full hairstroke brow.

Hair Stroke Brows - £250 (Price includes 2x Appointment)

Adds individual hair strokes to define and arch the brow, individual hairs are tattooed onto the skin with ultra-precision, it creates a completely realistic 3D effect, Very natural looking.

Subtle Shadow Brows - £250 (Price is for 1x Appointment)

A very soft subtle powder brow, with just a hint of colour and no harsh edges.

Ombre / Powered Brows – £270 (Price includes 2x Appointments)

Redefine, lift and emphasise your brow. Choose from a powder brow (full solid colour) or a blended ombre (softer at the fronts to a stronger finish) or a faded brow (stronger under the arch - faded towards the top of the brow). Ombre / powder brows are perfect for those clients who want a look that resembles powder / pencil through the brow.

Combination Brows – £300 (2x Appointment Needed)

Using hair strokes and shading creates the ultimately beautiful defined yet natural brows. A combination of any 2 techniques usually hairstroke and Ombre, or hairstroke and powder. As well as offering a make-up solution which does not wash away, smudge or disappear, i perfect for people who don't want to spend time on there brows everyday.

ALL costs quoted include the initial treatment (unless stated) and the 2nd appointment 6-12 weeks following initial procedure. If you require any further retouches please see the prices below.

Annual colour boost / retouch

Up to and including 12 months - £100

12-18 Months - £150

18-24 Months - £175

24 months + full cost applies


  • Retouch prices are for 1x session only
  • If you change the colour/shape or style of the brow, or you have very poor colour retention then an additional session may be needed.
  • Top up prices only apply to existing treatments carried out by Alison's Beauty And Nails Boutique.
  • If you have had brows done elsewhere, please phone to book a free consultation

Please give 72 hours cancellation notice


we will be able to re-schedule your appointment.

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