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Nails for Hands & Feet

Alison has been trained and is certified by recognised leaders in manicures and pedicures and is a qualified Creative Nail (CND) Technician.

Alison's Beauty and Nails Boutique Bradford offers complete manicures and pedicures treatments.

Flawless Nails. Lasting Beauty. CND's Award Winning Liquid & Powder Systems help you create Wearable, Durable, Beautiful nails that meet the needs of EVERY Client.

Full Set of Acrylic nails

Nails White Tip - £25

Natural Tip - £25

Overlays - £20

Infill - £18

Infill with any nail repairs £18 + £2 each nail

Nail Repair - £2

Nail Repair with Shellac over - £3

Acrylic Removal - £10

Shellac over Acrylics - £7

Nails art, glitter and stamping starting from 50p a nail

Crystals ..each nail from 50p - £3

same applies for Shellac nails and toes

File & Polish (20 mins) - £10

Shaping nails, cuticle work and polish

Express Manicure - £16

Shaping nails, soak, cuticle work, hand massage and polish. (40 mins)

Spa Manicure - £20

Shaping nails, soak, cuticle work, exfoliation, hand mask, hand and arm massage and polish. (1 hour)


File & Polish - £10

Express Pedicure - £20

Foot soak, nail & cuticle treatment, removal of hard skin, a relaxing foot and leg massage with either Marine or Thai oil and polish.


The Full Experience Pedicure:

This offers a Fragrant Soak, Sensuous Scrub, Sumptuous Masque and Sublime Massage, with added thermal booties to make it a deep, rich, warm relaxing pedicure to help soften and smooth aching tired dry feet.

Pedicure - £30

Foot soak, nail & cuticle treatment, removal of hard skin, exfoliation, foot mask, a relaxing foot and leg massage and polish.

(add shellac polish to any of the above pedicures for £7 extra)

Shellac Nails

Shellac is a polish that's sets like a gel with zero drying time, ultra shiny mirror finish, lasts 2-3 weeks, that's smudge & chip free, 30 colours to choose from, plus more colours with new layering technique.

Shellac Nails - £17

Shellac Toes - £17

Shellac nails redone by me - £20 (includes soak off and redone)

Shellac Express Pedicure - £27

Shellac Removal - £5

Shellac Nail Art and glitter also Available an extra cost (Please enquire about designs and prices)

Gel Polish

Gel Polish applies like polish and cures in a LED lamp in 30 seconds. It stays on nails for up to 3 weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soaks completely off in only 10 - 15 minutes.

Various Gel Polishes available

Gel polish - £15

Shellac Rockstar Nails

Wanting to add a bit of sparkle to your shellac nails then add a coloured glitter, glam up your nails and stand out, for everyday wear or that special occasion. Most glitter colours available.

Shellac Rockstar Nails - £20

Shellac Rockstar Toes - £20

Shellac Rockstar Manicure - £25

Shellac Rockstar Pedicure - £32

Callus Peel

Our special Callus Peel Treatment will leave your feet soft, and feeling rejuvenated. The Callus Peel is applied to the problem areas allowing calluses to be scraped away quickly. This treatment takes up to 30 minutes and you can see the results right away.

Don't just dream about pretty feet, simply Callus Peel away the hard skin and calluses with our 4 step luxury pampering foot treatment.

  • Your feet will be wrapped in a unique skin softening patch by Callus Peel, which amazingly softens harden callused skin.
  • The dead skin is then scraped off with a special plastic scraper
  • Followed by a skin polish to smooth away any remaining hard skin.
  • The treatment is then followed by a massage with a rejuvenating cream, which will deodorise and relax the feet.

Introductory Rates

Callus Peel ( Heel or Soles on both feet) - £18

Callus Peel ( Heel & Soles on both feet) - £22

The Ultimate Pedicure - Add to any pedicure treatment

Callus Peel ( Heel or Soles on both feet) - £12 (Save £6)

Callus Peel ( Heel & Soles on both feet) - £15 (Save £7)

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