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Male Waxingw


Tips Before Waxing

  • If you're going on holiday, remember you should remove the hair at least two days before, because the area may get irritated.
  • Don't use moisturisers.
  • To weaken the body- hair, ex-foliate the skin while taking a shower.

Male Waxing - Facial

We offer a consultation first, to determine suitable eyebrow shape. After cleansing, a warm wax is applied followed by the hair removal. 

Eyebrow Tidy/Re-shape - £7

Mono Brow - £4

Ears - £7

Nose (Lobe & Inside) - £7

Cheeks - £7

Full Face (Brow & Ears & Nose & Cheeks) - £25

Male Waxing - Upper Body

Full Back & Chest - from £40 - £50

Male Waxing - Arms

Under Arms (Both) - £10

Half Arms (Both) - £15

Full Arms (Both incl. Hands & Fingers) - £25

Full Arms (as above incl. Under Arms) - £30

Hands & Fingers (Both) - £7

Fingers Only (Both) - £4

Male Waxing - Lower Body

Half Legs (Both incl. Feet & Knees) - from £15 - £20

Full Legs (Both incl. Feet) - from £25 - £30

Full Legs & Speedo Area - from £30 - £35

Back of Thighs only - from £10 - £12

Toes & Feet - from £8 - £12

Male Grooming - Hands & Feet

Male Waxing - Pricing

Outback Organics Waxing Products

Alison's Beauty & Nails Boutique uses Outback Organics waxing products on our customers.

Arful botanical products based on their needs and suggestions.

To complement there original tea tree line, in 2010 Outback Organics teamed up with the award-winning specialist waxer and educator, Andy Rouillard, to create the UK’s most complete range of wax-related skin care products.

Each Outback Organics product has been designed to aid professional therapists, such as Alison's Beauty & Nails Boutique, and specifically formulated to tackle the most common complaints after hair removal: irritation, pimples and ingrown hairs.

Male Aftercare

Now for the serious stuff… Unfortunately, men’s backs and chests are particularly prone to ingrown hairs so if you don’t want to suffer, then follow nkd’s advice or ignore it at your peril! Alison sells a range of specialist pre- and post-care waxing lotions and potions, which your therapist can talk you through. These range from tea tree oil moisturisers and exfoliators for use on even the most sensitive of areas, skin soothers, hair retardants to slow down hair growth and various specialist ingrown hair treatments. We even sell a bespoke aftercare pack, which contains everything you need to ensure that your waxed skin stays smooth and bump-free.

  • Moisturise the waxed area regularly. Ingrown hairs are often caused by dry or flaky skin which does not allow the hairs to grow through. If you are moisturising your intimate bits, be sure to use an appropriate cream or oil that won’t aggravate these most sensitive of areas.
  • Rubbing antiseptic cream into the waxed area for 3 days after treatment can sooth and protect the skin. Always wash your hands before applying any product.
  • Exfoliate the waxed area several times a week to get rid of dead skin cells. Again, if it’s an intimate area, make sure you choose a suitable scrub. The exfoliator needs to be grainy enough to have an effect, but not so harsh that will irritate your skin or make it sore. In fact, over-exfoliation or the use of an unsuitable scrub will graze the skin and may actually cause ingrown hairs, rather than prevent them.
  • For hard-to-reach areas such as the back, back straps/mitts/gloves can be good. However, it is important to keep these clean and dry and to replace them regularly.
  • Dead sea salt used as bath salts can help prevent infection as can anti-bacterial shower gels. Soothing lotions and gels, especially those containing products such as tea-tree oil, aloe vera and witch-hazel can also alleviate irritation.


  • No fake tans, massages, extreme heat treatments (e.g. very hot baths or showers, saunas, steam rooms), swimming, sunbathing (including sun beds or any other exposure to UV light) or tight clothing for 24 — 48 hours.
  • Try and avoid exercise or vigorous activity for 24-hours. Do not scratch or touch the area with unwashed hands.
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